Undoing Linear Time

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David Hoffmeister helps us in a simple and clear way to understand the deep message of A Course in Miracles. His message is clear and gives powerful insights.

Before you can be free from the trap of linear time, the first realization you must have is that you have been a slave to time; that you have been wasting your heart and mind. You have to come to the admission that you have been wrong about everything that you have perceived in linear time. Everything!

To explain the concept of linear time in this audio CD, David Hoffmeister uses a spaghetti string as a symbol of the time-line. He says that believing in time, and being at the mercy of that belief, is like being a fish out of water, unnatural, like a “Spirit that forgot that it is Spirit and is now on a noodle!” If there are struggles and difficulties in life they are always caused by the mind’s belief in time.

The Holy Spirit has reinterpreted the “noodle” by turning it around into a point instead of a line. The line is the error, and the point, which is the Holy Spirit’s perspective of time, is the correction. The answer is then to see the world with the Holy Spirit; in a unified way. As Jesus says, miracles collapse time.