Spirit Uses All Symbols

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Although the Holy Spirit has no form, he uses all form as symbols. He must reach the mind where the mind believes it is. Knowing this, we wait to see what arises, what comes into awareness. We don’t need to hunt for healing. This allows for a relaxation, an experience. For the mind that believes in the ego, the fear of this relaxation is very disturbing. When there is fear of the unknown, it is really a fear of letting go of time and space and people with seeming private thoughts. People don’t have thoughts, only Christ has thoughts. That’s why we have to forget this world. It has nothing to do with Reality.

Filmed in Chapala, Mexico on Sept. 29th, 2014.

Song played during video's intro and outro: “Drown In Love” by Purl. Download it by clicking here: dewtonerecordings.com/track/drown-in-love

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