Silence, Sickness, and Karma

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David Hoffmeister speaks at the 2012 silent retreat at Living Miracles Monastery in Utah, where twelve people spent a month in devotion through silence and stillness.

David covers topics such as silence, instant karma, sickness, transcending ego, and true accomplishment during this one-hour, 42-minute video. He starts out with the value of practice when you've got the theory clear, and the ego-use-of-meditation trick. He talks about practice versus principle, and gives you the striking “usage percentage” of each. And you have probably never heard the reversed Pinocchio story—enjoy the parable about the boy needing to get back on the strings.

Silence leads you into an experience of no need for defense, opinions, and argumentation. Taking steps are natural and easy as you go deeper. You soar in the canyon, where before you were afraid to even go to the edge. Who is the thinker of the stream of thoughts? The ego—the sleeping mind. It believes images are real, takes responsibility for unreality, and therefore feels guilty. The commonality of all images in time and space is that they are all temporary. You need only be willing to loosen from projection—the healing of misperception is the Holy Spirit's function. Your willingness not to hide makes it possible, and everything gets lighter. What a gift!

Running time: 1 hours 42 min.
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