Purpose Is the Only Choice - Audiobook

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Purpose Is the Only Choice is a conversation that took place in the early 1990's between David Hoffmeister and a few of his devoted students. Using clear and concise language, David cuts straight to the fact that there is one, and only one choice that we can ever truly make in this world: the choice to think with the Holy Spirit which heals our mind. All else that takes place in our mind does nothing more than perpetuate the illusion. How simple life can be when that is fully understood and applied!

In this Audiobook, David uses an extremely practical and effective style of self-enquiry. Follow him
as he walks his students into their minds in a gentle yet firm pursuit of what they really believe so that it can be let go of. As A Course in Miracles states, “The test of everything on earth is simply this; 'What is it for?'. The answer makes it what it is for you.” (T-24.VII.6:1-2) Purpose, then, is the only choice.

Read by Emily Alexander

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