North Carolina, 2002

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This audio collection is from gatherings that took place in North Carolina in 2002. Throughout these six hours David Hoffmeister takes you deep into the present moment and continues to remind us of the perfection in Spirit that we are. The audio begins with some heartfelt live music to ease the mind into a more receptive and still state. Several more songs are played intermittently throughout the talk as well as teachings from David and friends.


Topics Include:

  • Unconscious guilt
  • Allowing the mind to come back to its natural state of peace
  • Divine Providence
  • Absence of Lack
  • The purpose of mind training
  • What you do comes from what you think
  • Attack and defense
  • Forgiveness
  • Ideas of History and historians
  • Losing identification as a collage of roles
  • People pleasing
  • Understanding the world as subjective
  • The power of our innate intuitive nature
  • Incarnation
  • Compromise
  • Doubt thoughts
  • Needs and reciprocity
  • Escaping from linear time
  • The concept of enlightenment
  • The act of bringing illusions to the truth
  • Sickness in the mind, not in the body
  • Importance of vigilance
  • Divine order and the Holy instant
  • Hypothetical thinking
  • Fear of Intimacy
  • Chastity
  • Preferences
  • The flow of miracle-mindedness
  • Functioning as a miracle worker

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