Music of Christ 2 - Resta

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Every time Resta opened the channel of her mind after a talk with David, angels would give her the lyrics and music for a song. Although she was not trained as a musician, she later recorded the songs onto a CD. The angels used her willingness to Awaken, giving her the songs and the lyrics as a gift of Love to be shared with the world. The angels say the songs have healing vibrations. The lyrics are very inspiring and based on ideas from A Course in Miracles. 

Music of Christ, CD 2, includes the following songs: 

1. As If 
2. Be Lifted Up 
3. Be Still 
4. Come Out of Hell 
5. Come to the Now 
6. Communion 
7. You Are More 
8. Cradle Song 
9. Brother, I will go with You 
10. Dream Softly 
11. We Can’t Go Home Alone 
12. Love Dance 
13. Dreamer of the Dream 
14. Journey Without Distance 
15. Love is All I Am 
16. Spirit 
17. Love Must Come 
18. Sweet Magnitude 
19. Metaphysical G.A.S. 
20. One Self 

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