Music of Christ 11 - Resta

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Every time Resta opened the channel of her mind after a talk with David, angels would give her the lyrics and music for a song. Although she was not trained as a musician, she later recorded the songs onto a CD. The angels used her willingness to Awaken, giving her the songs and the lyrics as a gift of Love to be shared with the world. The angels say the songs have healing vibrations. The lyrics are very inspiring and based on ideas from A Course in Miracles. 

Music of Christ, CD 11, includes the following songs:

1. Brother Mind 
2. Real World Rising 
3. Everyone Wants to go Home 
4. Love Walks in Sunlight 
5. Look At You 
6. Safe in the Mind of Love 
7. Open Your Heart 
8. Abide, Abide 
9. This Need Not Be 
10. Rise, Children, Rise! 
11. Shining Love 
12. Holy Spirit 
13. Brother on the Road 
14. Love Holds My Hand 
15. Soul Song 

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