Journey Inward - The Open Heart

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Journey Inward is a Love letter from God that proclaims His eternal Love for us, and practically instructs us on how to let go of all attack thoughts that we created in our own mind by believing in an external world. This album takes us on the journey inward and as we ask the Holy Spirit to "decide for me", we get married to our True Self by temporarily holding Jesus' hand in the deep dive of undoing all specialness of personhood. When we realize that we don't wanna fight anymore, we are ready to let everything of the ego's thought system go and be totally free. In the learning of "I do not know", the miracles change our perception of the shape of things, and we can fail in nothing in this state of the Christ mind. Now we can rest in God and therefore be the Host to God. 

1. I Do Not Know
2. Decide for Me
3. Letter From God
4. Don't Wanna Fight Anymore
5. Giving Up Attach Thoughts
6. Shape of Things
7. We Can Fail in Nothing
8. Hold My Hand
9. Host to God
10. I Rest in God

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