Healing the Shame and Guilt Around Sexuality - eBook

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This eBook shows the healing of sexuality issues and their cause—the belief in separation. David Hoffmeister and the Messengers of Peace visited China in the spring of 2012, sharing gatherings and retreats with big crowds of lively and spiritually hungry seekers in Shanghai, Hainan, and Beijing. During one of the retreats, Albert, the translator, was given the opportunity of a public one-on-one session with David around the deepest issues of his life.

You will hear Albert express, in a deeply touching way, how he came through a very difficult childhood containing a great deal of physical abuse and violence. He describes how he had to face deep guilt and shame and personal issues around sexuality and relationships, and how he finally came to lighter experiences and forgiveness. Following this profound session, Albert left an old, stagnant relationship and opened up his heart to a new and vibrant relationship. He continues to thrive in this new relationship, which is devoted to healing and to sharing in a deeply purposeful way.

This eBook is very healing for anyone who has ever had any relationship or sexual issues. It offers a genuine experience for anyone with an open heart—thanks to Albert’s authentic expression, and David’s gentle and helpful answers. David and Albert have collaborated for years, and have a profound connection. Albert has translated most of David’s writings into Mandarin Chinese.

Enjoy this deeply touching and authentically healing transcript of forgiving a very difficult life-story.

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