Choosing Inner Peace - Conversations with the Truth

by Aira Sahakangas

Would it be possible to embrace simplicity? To let go of struggling? To neither idealize nor strive for anything? The key to achieving inner peace and freedom lies in looking at your own experiences differently. Help is available in everyday life when you surrender to ask. You don’t need to struggle on your own.

"Choosing Inner Peace conveys the teachings as channeled material in a dialogue format with Aira and Spirit alternating, weaving questions and topics and probing examinations together in very compelling discussions. This book is an answer to the search for Inner Peace, coming in a relevant manner that is easy to read and follow. The range of topics covers the perception of time, vocation and its attributes of comparison and competition, committed relationship, being a spouse, and the role of mother, fear/pain/guilt, getting underneath the use of alcohol, and even the meaning given to the body and death."
~ David Hoffmeister
Author of Quantum Forgiveness, Awakening through A Course in Miracles, and Unwind Your Mind Back to God

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