Celebrate Peace, Love, and Freedom

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Enjoy this music CD titled Celebrate Love, Peace and Freedom. The CD is a mix of songs from Mitch & Friends, Resta, and various artists who gathered at the end of a Rainbow Festival Gathering. This CD has been played at many of the Messengers of Peace gatherings around the world, and is excellent for meditation and devotional practices. Be lifted and let the Great Spirit Awaken the Call within your heart. The CD has a collection of inspiring songs that are expressions of Pure Love and Peace: 

1. I Know You Well 
2. You are More
3. Come to Peace
4. Lift Each Other Up 
5. Oh Great Spirit 
6. I Will Sing 
7. We are Love 
8. Find yourSelf in Harmony 
9. Angel Song 
10. Dream Softly 
11. See You in All 
12. Hallelujah

This music is for teachers of God who are devoted to Awakening from the dream of the world and remembering the Love of God. 

File size: 37.9 MB of MP3 files