Beyond the Yuck

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These gatherings with David Hoffmeister and friends were recorded in Waynesville, Ohio in the early 1990s. The discussions include many participant questions and lots of laughter. David’s clear and joyful expression of the basic metaphysics of A Course in Miracles will lift your heart. Enjoy this gem!

Topics include:

  • Discerning between two thought systems
  • Letting go of the cause of seeming "negative emotions"
  • The difference between the mind and the brain
  • Metaphysics of the ego thought system
  • Choice and choicelessness
  • Looking at beliefs and concepts that seem to cloud discernment
  • Perception, guilt, and level confusion
  • Understanding forgiveness
  • Destiny and freewill
  • The perception of "orders of difficulty"
  • The "yuck" of looking at thoughts
  • Intention, scarcity and reciprocity
  • The attraction of guilt
  • Looking at identification with the false self concept
  • Relationships and intention
  • Ego's plan for salvation
  • God's plan for salvation
  • Mind-watching
  • The belief in linear time
  • Letting go of judgment
  • The world of illusion
  • Being truly helpful
  • Cause and effect

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