Beyond the Speck

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David Hoffmeister and friends gather together in an outdoor gazebo to discuss Awakening to the Spirit (or Divine Mind) beyond this time/space cosmos, which is like a tiny speck that Eternity knows not. David uses ideas from ACIM workbook lessons 96 and 135 to distinguish the value and reality of the mind, and the unreality and nothingness of the body. The need to follow the Holy Spirit's prompts and plans is highlighted as the Way to free the mind by emptying it of false concepts. David uses a diagram to explain the basic metaphysics of A Course in Miracles and then discusses the application of the ideas to specific concerns. This is a very helpful introductory overview on discerning between the right and wrong minds, and it is expressed with passion and Joy. David addresses a variety of topics and questions, offering clarity, light, and wisdom. Enjoy the discussion.

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