The Best of David Hoffmeister, Part 2 (Disc set of 5)

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This boxed set contains three teaching CD's, one Music CD, and one DVD:

  • Atonement Talks (CD's 1 and 2)
  • No Control Over the World: Talks on the Serenity Prayer (CD)
  • Come to the Quietness (Music of Christ CD)
  • Joy and Clarity in Colton (DVD)

The first two teaching CD's include a recording where the main topic is transfer-of-training, the third teaching CD is a deep, profound teaching on the practical application of the Serenity Prayer, leading one to the experience of Divine Providence. David addresses sickness, depression, mind-watching, right-mindedness, and metaphysics. The music CD is a compilation of simple and meditative songs, performed by Resta, selected from 250 songs channeled from the angels as she joined with David. The DVD is a glorious, joyful experience of love and truth.

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