Be Lifted Up

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Coming together in sincere inquiry, David Hoffmeister and participants discuss the importance of willingness and desire as a means to become a miracle worker. David encourages A Course in Miracles students to open up and share their questions and experiences. He reminds us that the “ego is learned and so is the world.” Through studying A Course in Miracles we are choosing to unlearn everything that we think we know. The audio session ends with Resta’s beautiful song, Come Down from the Cross, reminding us of our innocence and innate joyful state of mind. 

Topics include:

  • Calling on the Holy Spirit for healing
  • The belief in conflict and competition
  • Doubt thoughts
  • Fear
  • Calling on the Miracle
  • Temptations
  • Illusion of the World
  • Education
  • Judgment
  • Being stuck in a “rut”
  • Decision making
  • Impact of movies and music
  • Letting go of relationships and jobs
  • Greatest weakness into greatest strength

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