Awake in the Mind: Intensive on the Bay

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Speaking from the Awakened Mind, David Hoffmeister discusses advanced spiritual concepts with A Course in Miracles students who are ready to go deeper in the mind in order to awaken to the Peace of God. This intensive was recorded over a two-week period in Traverse City, Michigan, and covered a wide range of topics and participant areas of interest, allowing for in-depth exploration. Basic terms and the structure of the mind were presented first, and then expanded as the theme of Purpose was clarified.

Topics include:
 •Explanation of terms including perception, ego, Holy Spirit, miracle, and Revelation
 •Level confusion
 •Body identification/dis-identification
 •Choosing between the valuable and valueless
 •Resisting messages from the Holy Spirit
 •Attack versus call for love
 •Perceiving pain and victimization
 •Sickness, magic, and healing
 •The two uses of abilities
 •Consistently choosing with the Holy Spirit
 •Discipline, intelligence, and readiness
 •The trap of making ACIM book, groups, conferences, etc., special
 •Relationships, intimacy, and freedom
 •Conditions, compromise, and completion in the special love relationship
 •Concepts of sacrifice, marriage, and family
 •The power of Intention and Purpose
 •The meaning of "The script is written"
 •Projection and misperception
 •The metaphysics of forgiving
 •Manifesting as a stepping-stone toward recognizing the mind s power
 •Mystical and revelatory experiences
 •The concept of competition
 •The Holy Instant
 •Partner as a God-substitute in the special relationship
 •Attempts to keep another bound through guilt
 •The concept of family
 •The desire to awaken
 •Letting go of the self-concept
 •Learning through contrast
 •Sexuality in the hierarchy of illusions
 •Doubt thoughts
 •The Immediacy of Salvation
 •The belief in time
 •Becoming aware of Purpose
 •The experience of right-mindedness
 •Detachment from the illusion
 •Using movies for mind-watching
 •Forgiveness of the human experience
 •Overview of the three books that comprise ACIM

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