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Our Winter Sale is an absolute blessing for this season of turning inward. When you purchase David Hoffmeister’s latest book
The Mystical Teachings of Jesus you also receive his classic
Awakening through A Course in Miracles for FREE!

A perfect GIFT in the season of giving. Both books are beautifully laid out in bite size segments. Keep it by your bed—wonderful to dip in to as guided!

The Mystical Teachings of Jesus answers the prayer of the heart for an intimate and profound relationship with God in modern times. It is for anyone who is inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus.

This prayer-meditation book compiled by mystic David Hoffmeister will illuminate the mind with a deeper understanding of the teachings of the Bible and A Course in Miracles (ACIM). Each chapter contains Bible verses, side-by-side with ACIM quotes, providing a dialogue of clarity, in response to questions, such as: “Jesus, what is my relationship to you? What is a miracle?” and, “How will the world end?” 

The Mystical Teachings of Jesus is an excellent compilation, comparison and appraisal of the teaching of Jesus as found in "A Course in Miracles" and the gospels. It is a handy resource guide and helpful tool—taking us ever deeper into understanding the essence of Jesus' message and its potential impact on the 21st Century.”
—Jon Mundy, Ph.D. author of Living A Course in Miracles

Awakening through A Course in Miracles is essential reading for students of ACIM. Here David explains the metaphysics and leads you to an experience beyond the intellectual understanding of ACIM by practically applying the principles of the Course. If you have been looking for the “how?”, this book is the bridge!

"A book that gives the real scoop on A Course in Miracles is a treasure for any serious student of its teachings. David Hoffmeister does just that in his book Awakening through A Course in Miracles. I learned from it and so will you."

—Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love

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