A Glimpse of Grace - eBook

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This booklet compilation of David Hoffmeister's deeply insightful writings is a spiritual seekers' delight. The short letters are filled with Divine inspiration, all of which share the same consistent message: Release the illusion of separation for only the love of God is real. David says:

"I offer my Love and Thoughts for this moment. Sometimes the form may seem to utilize print, and other times the form may seem to involve a Voice or a flow of images. It is all telepathic, for All is Thought... All is Mind. The Answer always reaches mind in a way that it can grasp or learn from. I am the goal the world is searching for. The Thought behind the forms is all that really matters. The form matters not. Joyful is the experience that Love is Content and not form of any kind."

Topics include the meaning of free will and the present moment, what purpose is, the impossibility of attack, how to truly forgive, releasing addictions, finding our willingness and much, much more.

This eBook is available in the following formats: ePub and PDF