50 Years of Miracles: Parables of David Hoffmeister & Friends

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This is a book of miracle stories. Real-life stories about letting go of wanting to be right and of choosing instead to be happy. These stories recall problems or challenges in the lives of the story-tellers and then illustrate how miracle-mindedness solved them. Like the parables of Jesus, they serve to strengthen our belief in miracles and can encourage us along our own continuing paths to God. Sometimes those roads can be rocky and precarious, and it is comforting to be reminded of how thinking with a miracle mind can smooth the way. 

The parables shared here are from the life of David Hoffmeister and from the lives of those that have touched him or he has touched. He is a modern-day mystic and non-dual teacher who has been invited to 44 countries and 49 states to share the message of Love, Oneness, and Freedom. His journey involved the study of many pathways culminating in a deeply committed practical application of A Course in Miracles.

David’s life is a living demonstration of the Awakened Mind. This book is an invitation to join him on a journey through some of the teaching parables mainly shared from his own "Parable of David," that have inspired and comforted so many. These parables are organized in this book based on the 50 miracle principles as described in A Course in Miracles.

In the Course, Jesus says, "The power to work miracles belongs to you. I will provide the opportunities to do them, but you must be ready and willing." T-1.III.1. 50 Years of Miracles: Parables of David Hoffmeister & Friends brings you first-hand accounts of how miracles have profoundly transformed the lives of those ready and willing to change their minds. Perhaps you will be inspired to do the same.