Zip files are a way of bundling multiple files into a single ".zip" file. It's an easier way to share and download multiple files online. If you are purchasing a download from our store that holds multiple files (audiobooks, music albums, or eBooks), then you will likely be downloading a zip file. Below are a few tips for accessing the files contained in the one "zip" file.

If you're intending to put your downloaded items on a portable device, it's often much easier to download them to your computer first, unzip them using preinstalled software on your computer, and then transfer them to your device.

For Windows PC
Navigate to where you have downloaded your zipped product. To extract the entire contents of the zip folder, right-click the folder, click Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

For Android Portable Devices
You can download your purchase straight onto your device. You'll then need to download an unzipping app and possibly a file management app. Follow the instructions outlined in whichever apps you choose to use.

For Mac
To extract the contents of zip folder, simply double click the zip file.

For Apple Portable Devices
For anyone who chooses to download one of our products straight onto their Apple device, there are apps available in the app store that you can download to unzip files on your device. Just search "unzip" while browsing the app store. There may also be a need to download a file management app, which you can find by searching "file manager."