Take Me Home Movie Package (Streaming & Download)

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Take Me Home is a transformational documentary about the awakening journey through trust, transparency, and relationships.

It captures the healing journey of a group of people who came together at a modern-day monastery for a month-long retreat, the Tabula Rasa Mystery School. This monastery has only two guidelines: no private thoughts and no people-pleasing. All who come are offered an opportunity to live by these guidelines, open up to authenticity, and to trust one another. Take Me Home is a testimony to a road less traveled and provides a glimpse of how to live a loving and yet uncompromising life.

This movie package has been put together to offer you a full experience to support you through a transformation within. With this package you will receive teaching sessions to prepare the mind before the movie, the movie itself, a follow-up session with the cast and closing teaching sessions. This is an opportunity to relax and bask in the full experience that the Spirit wants to offer you through this movie.

This package offers the option to download the movie and all teaching sessions, and also includes bonus material which brings you additional interviews with some of the cast. Subtitles are available for the movie in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Japanese, Swedish and Dutch.

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