Nordic ACIM Summer Conference 2006

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With David Hoffmeister
 at Rinkesta Slott, Sweden

David helps us in a simple and clear way to understand the message of A Course In Miracles . His message is clear and gives powerful insights. At this Summer conference at the Rinkesta Castle, he spoke about the following topics:
• Miracles are never under conscious control
• The ego wants a recipe or a plan
• Your state of mind is important – not what you do
• Possessiveness runs the relationships of the world but love is free
• The Course is training the mind in no order of difficulties in miracles
• Thinking and teaching are the same
• Cause and effect
• The ego’s view of the past and the future compared to “the script is written”
• The healed mind experiences everything as the same

Swedish translation

Running time: 1 hour 36 min.
Formats: mp4 video file, streaming

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