The Best of David Hoffmeister, Part 1 (Disc set of 5)

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This boxed set contains one teaching DVD, three teaching CDs and one music CD:

  • The teaching DVD is a joyful recording from a gathering with David in San Pedro, giving clarity on the most important questions you’ll ever ask.
  • The three teaching CDs include Being the Voice for the Holy Spirit CDs 1 and 2, and Beyond the Yuck.
  • The music CD is a beautiful compilation of songs selected from the 250 songs that were channeled from the angels, known as Music of Christ.

David Hoffmeister reveals his journey to Enlightenment and his experiences of living as the Holy Spirit Guides. He addresses every topic with radiant joy and amazing clarity, and shares an excellent description of the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles. The first two teaching CDs combine an interview with David Hoffmeister by David Paul, and Candace Doyle, and the third teaching CD clarifies the choice between the two thought systems. The music CD is a compilation of simple, meditative songs, performed by Resta, selected from 250 songs channeled from the angels as she joined with David. The DVD is a glorious, joyful experience of love and truth.

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