Strawberry Fields Forever Music Festival 2012 CD

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The Strawberry Fields Forever Music Festival and Enlightenment Retreat is an undefined, prayerful, and guided experience of collaboration in love. This compilation of songs, performed at the 2012 festival, convey the enlightening, joyful, and deeply clear experience of unconditional love that is the essence of Living Miracles. Bask in the experience of peace and joy through these tunes!

1. Be Not Afraid - Ricki Comeaux
2. Decide for God - Lorrie Tomlinson
3. Don't Wanna Fight Anymore - Helena Sjunnesson
4. Equal Everything - Ricki Comeaux
5. I'll Meet You There - Michael Narksusook
6. Just Relax - Erik Archbold
7. Lay Down in God's Love -  Ricki Comeaux
8. Shelter For Your Heart - Ken Kelly
9. Sweet Love - Ricki Comeaux
10. We Are Love - Lorrie Tomlinson
11. Not An Act - Kris Everts & Valerie Ward
12. Use Me - King Lexie
13. On My Decision - Alisa Amor & Lorrie Tomlinson
14. The Voice for God - Ken Kelly
15. Ricki's Poem - Kirk Hoganson