Quantum Love - Kirsten Buxton and Ricki Comeaux

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This album is about our love for God. Receiving and singing these songs is a way to connect with our Source; a way to let God speak directly to us and move through us. Every song is a deep prayer of the heart. The title track, Quantum Love, is our anthem; "Love radiates, undefined. It's all-inclusive, one Love, one Heart, one Mind." Ricki's songs express a deep passion for awakening, and Kirsten's songs are an invitation to rest in God. Receive the Gift!

1. Quantum Love - Kirsten, Ricki, Erik
2. Ride of a Lifetime - Ricki
3. Holiness (live) - Kirsten, Ricki
4. I Need to Know - Ricki, Kirsten
5. Eternity - Kirsten
6. Ever After (live) - Ricki
7. Abide in Light (live) - Kirsten
8. One With You - Kirsten
9. Lay Down in Gods Love (live) - Ricki
10. You Inspire Me (live) - Kirsten
11. Two Worlds - Ricki
12. Lifting the Veil (live) - Kirsten
13. Wait Here - Ricki
14. Ever After - Ricki
15. Reminds Me of You - Kirsten

Huge gratitude to our supporting musicians: Erik Archbold (vocals & guitar on 4, 5, 7; guitar on 1, 8,10), Laura Schopen (vocals & guitar on 7,10), Joe Joppe (guitar on 8,15), Nathan Lorenzana (drums on 4)