Holiness: Satsing with Kirsten, Erik, & Laura CD

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Satsang is to gather in the Presence of the Highest Truth. This "satsing" is a music gathering in Presence; an invitation to allow all that is not of Love to be raised to the light, and to join as One in the Truth of Who we are.

Recorded Live at the Strawberry Fields Forever Music Festival & Enlightenment Retreat in June of 2013.

1. Holiness 
2. Intro - Abide in Light 
3. Abide in Light 
4. The Yes 
5. On Listening and Following 
6. Intro - Sweet Amazing Grace 
7. Sweet Amazing Grace 
8. You Inspire Me 
9. Song of Thanks/Lesson 123 
10. On Music and Gratitude
11. The Silent Song
12. Heaven is Perfect
13. Intro - Lifting the Veil
14. Lifting the Veil
15. On Presence
16. Intro - Heaven's Peace
17. Heaven's Peace
18. Thank You's

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