Sharing the Joy! - The Open Heart CD

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Helena's CD "Sharing the Joy!" is a collection of deep metaphysical songs, with lyrics and music that inspires healing in mind. It has a whole range of musical styles, and the angels are now pop-ing, rocking, singing in country twang, in techno style, in laid back surfer style, in a 40's big band expression way, in a "lalala" way, in meditation and in a bursting spontaneous miracles choir in Joy!!!

1. Sharing the Joy
2. This Need Not Be
3. Love Is Seeking Me
4. I Am Here
5. Love Walks in Sunlight
6. Heart to Heart
7. You Can't Fool Me
8. Mirror, Mirror
9. There's Another Way
10. That's Not the Reason Why
11. As If
12. You Are My Destination
13. Interview with David

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